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Techincal blog posts about the lastest I've learned

JavaScript Quirks

Recently I attended a JavaScript meetup in Montreal and I learned about some interesting JavaScript quirks and decided to write about some of them.

Grouping Ruby Objects

Recently I started contributing to an open source project and learned along the way some new ruby methods that are used to group together a collection of ruby objects.

Using Linked Lists

One of the data structures I recently learned about is linked lists. Linked lists are a bunch of nodes that besides for containing its own data reference the next node in the list. We start off with the head node and move on to the next node using the head node. From the second node, we can access its own data and the next node in the list. This cycle continues until we reach a node that its next node points to null indicating that we have reached the end of the linked list.

onOutsideClick Events with React

A recent feature I added to my react app was a popup panel that would appear when the user clicks on a button in the menu bar and would disappear when the user clicks outside of the popup panel.

Serializing Delegated Associations with Active Model

For my react app, I built a rails api for persisting flight reservations. I set up the database relations in a way that a reservation would belong to a flight, a flight would belong to a route, and a route would belong to an arrival and departure airport: